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About Donna Baverman

I am on a journey. Love is calling me to experience Itself in every breath, in every step. So I am traveling deeper into the heart seeking my own rapture. As I go I am untangling myself from fear and despair, criticism and judgement which separate me from knowing love. I think that being defended against the world keeps me safe but as I journey I am reminded that my defense is my limitation and only serves to protect my wound. My need to open my heart to experience being alive is challenging and always rewarding. Daily I converse with those in the non-physical as I talk with the dead,and angels, Ascended Masters, and God.

I have done Theta Healing for six years daily,on myself, my family, and my clients. It is the most incredible, life changing healing modality I have ever found. Every problem has an answer if we trace it back to the beginning. God wants our life to be whole and abundant. Theta Healing is allowing us to remember that. When I was nineteen I had the experience of having my kundalini awakened. I had such a profound knowing of God that it changed my life forever. It put my feet firmly on a spiritual path that has led me to this moment. As a healer I embody a fearlessness to hear whatever needs to be heard and to know what needs to be known. Whatever the client presents, I hear without judgement because they are telling me about their journey. We have all been confused and lost. We are all found in the presence of love. Healing is coming home to love.
With Gods unconditional Love - anything is possible ... let your true self emerge.
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